Meet The CEO

CEO is the Execution Nodal body of IVRFF. The CEO is the decision maker for the entire workflow.

Prof. Samir Mukherjee

Founder & Mentor of VR/AR Academia & Drone Academia

Prof. Samir Mukherjee has thirty years of experience in technology and communication. He has provided turn-key media solutions and helped in the execution of several media companies abroad. He has been the Head of Dept. of Media Science & Emerging Technology in different Universities for almost a decade where he has been researching on the possibilities of combining digital media and education with emerging technologies like OTT, IoT, Cloud Computing, AR/VR/MR/XR.

He has an interest in blending art and culture with the new waves of digital media. He is a part of various international VR/AR and IT-related institutions in Europe, China, Malaysia, and India. He is a regular speaker at international conferences in Europe & the US and also Beijing, Shanghai & different parts of China, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, & of course different parts of India. He is an acknowledged leader in VR/AR/MR/XR Education.

India has the largest youth population trained and ready to experiment with emerging technology. He is looking at around 100 Engineering Institutes to partner with and introduce a series of training and integration programs to create a new generation adept at implementing AR/VR into pre-existing media outlets. He is working with start-ups looking at innovative solutions to traditional problems in order to create a sustainable ecosystem for AR/VR and emerging technology.