Member of the Jury

Every Country will have their own Jury committee and VR film selection committee, who will be tabulating the scores.They are also the prime members in the committee, having experience of VR film Scrutiny/Analysis/ Judge and evaluate the performance in a stipulated predefined data doc and submit it in the respective cloud link.
(The list will be available from November 2022)

Member of the Jury

( The list will be available from November 2022 )

Bidhu Maharana


Jury Member (INDIA) | IVRFF

Charlene Yao


Jury Member | IVRFF

Dr. M A Mummigatti

Nava Film Academy

Jury Member | IVRFF

Joanne Yin


Member of Jury | IVRFF

Ms. Chandani Kinger

Speaker | IVRFF